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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Works with Active Directory

By September 24, 2012IT Stuffs

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has some great improvements over the older version.  Even through it is no longer working with Active Directory LDAP authentication due to the bug in the libnss-ldap that causing sudo no longer work with start_tls; however,  it does connect to Active Directory now (not LDAP) and acts as one of the Windows PC computer with Windows ACL (I do missed NFS mounts and using UNIX UID/GID as user account’s attributes tho).

Here is how to connect your Ubuntu system to Active Directory with likewise-open package:

  • Go to ubuntu Software Center and search for likewise.
  • Install like-wise Desktop utility for joining Active Directory domains (likewise-open-gui)
  • After installed, run Active Directory membership app
  • Enter computer name and your Active Directory Domain name
  • Now it asks for an account that has the admin rights to join the domain.  This is same as MS-Windows process
  • This is it.  Reboot the PC and now you can login with your domain username and password.

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