ubuntu 12.04 LTS beta 2. Installed and it is not working

By April 18, 2012 February 18th, 2015 IT Stuffs

It is April already so I figure I should give ubuntu v12.04 a try, even when it is still a beta version. Since this is a LTS version, I can’t imagine it will cost too many issues, especially with big banner on ubuntu web site says it is the “final” beta version.

Boy! Am I wrong! This beta version is actually, well,… very beta! (in my nicest way to put it). I was able to install, configure it to do domain login with my AD, and then do… humm.. nope, nothing else. That is it! I am not able to login with my domain account. The same looking login screen as v11.10 now has no “other” for you to choose to enter username and password to login. It now only gives you the account you initially created during the installation and the guest account to login. It doesn’t even have a “username” box for you to enter username. I googled it a bit and found the new lightdm interface only list out local user accounts, nothing for AD nor LDAP accounts.

Further Google it and I found some people suggested to edit /etc/lighttdm/lightdm.conf file as the following:

[SeatDefaults] user-session=ubuntu

After this I did the “switch account” and it does not do anything so I rebooted the PC. It is good to see that now it is asking for username for the login. Typed in my LDAP username, password, then ubuntu just hanged forever, can’t do anything at all other than hard reboot my PC.

I just don’t get it, how can they miss this very basic thing this much? Hopefully they will fix this before the actual release date on 4/26.

Updates: with ubuntu v12.04 LTS, the problem still exist. It does not hang when you try to login with your LDAP account but it simply jump back to the login screen and does nothing.

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