How to see console output on a Cisco SSH session?

By June 27, 2011 February 18th, 2015 IT Stuffs

When the network seems to be slow and you want to figure out what’s going on, you can always run to your wiring closet, hookup your Cisco console to your laptop and try to see if there is any warning messages going on. It is always a good idea to make sure you have your latop, the Cisco serial console cable, and of course a serial to USB convertor so you can hook up your Cisco serial cable to your USB port. I mean, no one has a laptop with a serial port now, right? This sounds like a lot of thing to prepare, and it is! I mean, this works well in 80s but it is 2011 now, there should be a easier way to do this, right?

There is a easier way to do this if you can still access your Cisco switch through SSH or telnet in your network. Here is how:

  • Make sure you already enabled the logging to the monitor. Type “show logging” to see it.
  • Hummm… so “logging monitor debug” is already there and why you still don’t see any messages? This is because you need to type “terminal monitor” so start seeing the messages on your SSH session.
  • How to disable it? enter “terminal no monitor” to disable it.

That’s it! But what happen if you can’t access your Cisco switch through the network, you said? Well, most likely your Cisco switch is having some serious issues, not just the issue with slow network. In this case, run to your wiring closet and make sure your Cisco switch is still on.

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