… until I found you cannot install any apps (yes, cannot install ANY apps) other then the apps from the “Windows store”.

This is truly confusing to users.  I am getting a Windows 8 device and I cannot install Windows app on it?  I mean, I cannot even install Google Chrome, or Adobe Acrobat, or VLC player , or OpenOffice on it.  It is nice that Microsoft included MS-Office 2013 preview in the device, but I just can’t find any software I need for my work in the “Windows store” that I can install and use my Windows Surface productively.


Strike 1, big time


Then, I figured since it is such a nice looking device, especially when I paid extra to get a Maganta touch cover ($129 compares to $99 black touch cover), maybe I should spend a bit more time with it and try to feel in love with it again.  Then, I realized even through touch cover is nice to type compares to a physical keyboard, then I realized the more I used it the less I like it.  It got less responsive as I typed more.  In addition, Surface just feel slow compares to all other tablet devices out there such as Nexus 7 or iPad 2.  I guess Microsoft OS is just big and heavy, and it eats up 17GB of space before you install anything else.  No wonder the basic model needs 32GB.


Strike 2


After some disappointments, I figure I should use Surface more like a toy tablet, maybe use it to take photos and videos??   Man, I have no idea what I was thinking, making such bad-bad decision to test the camera…  Truly, it is the worst, WORST camera I have ever tried since 2001.  It is all fuzzy and its 10″ screen just made those photos look even worst.  Even Plam Treo can take better picture than the MS-Surface, and this is how bad the camera is.




On the plus side, it comes with MS-Office 2013 and this is the reason I bought it and plan to keep it.  Also, it is nice that Microsoft store is willing to give full 14 days refunds for MS-Surface.  I used it one day and then return the next day.


…sad face…  sad face…

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  • Levi Freeman says:

    Preview is not meant to be used for daily work, you need to go to windows update to start the update to office final version. It is a lot more responsive and faster after you install the update.

    glad you like the surface

    • Mon says:

      I think the big downside is that you cannot install any x86 apps on it. For $499, people should go with iPad 4 for better screens and more compatible apps to install.

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