block size for VM

By May 28, 2011 February 18th, 2015 IT Stuffs, VMware

Today someone asked me about what block size to set when you planning to create a 1TB disk size virtual machine. Block size? What block size? I have been creating VMs for sometimes and never notice anything about the block size setting. Thank god for Google search (TGFGS), I realized block size is for VMFS. Haha, no wonder I never notice about block size because I have been using NFS datastore, not iSCSI nor FC. So this makes me thinking, is NFS datastore better than iSCSI/FC VMFS datastore? I know on paper NFS Datastore’s performance is not as good as FC, but it is close enough, and very similar to iSCSI performance. Plus, you get the benefit of resizing the datastore automatically as soon as you resize the NETAPP volume. Also, it won’t hurt to notice NFS Datastore’s maximum size is 16TB for 32bit aggregate, 100TB for 64bits aggregate. With this, you can say goodbye to 2TB LUN limitation.

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