What is CapsuleX?

CapsuleX is the newest concept of microimaging and technology that will help patients and doctors worldwide. CapsuleX is a small, pill-sized, and easy-to-digest micro wide-angle camera used to produce high-quality pictures of the patients’ esophagus, stomach, and digestive tract (including the small and large intestine). The new development of CapsuleX eliminates the need for long tubes and tedious procedures to examine the patient’s digestive system.

How Does it Work?

CapsuleX comprises multiple components, including LED lighting, a battery, a wide-angle camera, an optical dome, a microcontroller unit, a power management unit, a Flash unit, and a gyroscope component. These complex components all fit in a pill-sized digestible product that allows doctors to take remote pictures once the patient swallows the pill. The capsule is entirely wireless, eliminating the need for uncomfortable prodding of a long tube and providing high-resolution imaging with the wide-angle camera implemented inside the capsule. The LED also provides the lighting of the images due to the digestive system being almost, if not completely, dark.

Nash Young

About Me

I am the co-creator of the CapsuleX project. I have had a deep passion for Biology, specifically human biology. There are an estimated 19 million people in the US who suffer from diseases related to the small intestine, including obscure bleeding, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea, and cancers. The current endoscope system is currently inefficient and problematic, hence why I started a research project with Dr. Li, the leading developer for the Micro Camera field, to design a more efficient way to capture images primarily in the digestive tract. I believe with this research, we can redesign a better product to benefit more patients and the healthcare industry. 

More About the Project

The CapsuleX project is a revolutionary product that will shape, enhance, and change the technology and methods of the current medical world. CapsuleX produces enhanced imaging of patients and allows Doctors to perform more precise and safer surgeries.

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Why should you use CapsuleX?

The current method of taking pictures of the esophagus, stomach, and both the large and small intense is through endoscopy. The endoscope is a long, thin, and flexible tube with a tiny light and video camera at the end. In the upper GI endoscopy, the endoscope is put into the mouth and pushed down the throat to examine the esophagus, and pushed down even further to examine the stomach and a bit of the small intestine. In the lower GI endoscopy, the same process is repeated, but the endoscope is inserted through the rectum to examine the large intestine. These procedures are incredibly uncomfortable for the patient and the doctor and take a lot of time due to the procedure making the patient feel uncomfortable, on the verge of throwing up or just being a very embarrassing procedure. However, with the development of CapsuleX, all of these issues will go to rest. CapsuleX will eliminate all Needs to insert any long tube down a person’s throat or rectum with this new product. Instead, this new product only requires the patient to swallow a pill-like camera and let the doctor take all the pictures they need to examine. Although this process may take a bit longer, especially if the doctor needs to examine the patient’s large intestine. The process will be a lot less embarrassing and uncomfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

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